DOING IT RIGHT: Recorded Responses to ‘Art as a Verb’ at Artspace, Sydney

Art as a Verb, installation view, Artspace, Sydney, 2015. Photo by Zan Wimberle

On June 11, 2015 I visited Artspace in Sydney’s Woolloomooloo for the exhibition Art As A Verb. Whilst there I decide to make ‘voice notes’ on my iPhone, perhaps as a live commentary on the experience of seeing. Playing them back, I realise that I’m yet to master this technique, but in addition to a lot of heavy breathing they include: Read more


Hunterian Asbestos Collections. Photo: Sacha Waldron and John Faithfull

Certain objects in museum collections can never be taken out of storage and exhibited. Buried in the mineralogical stores of the Hunterian Museum, Glasgow, is a collection that poses a particular risk – Asbestos. The numerous samples are either in solid rock form or the more interesting and dangerous fibrous types which look like beautiful lush hair or candy floss. Read more

Athens’ House of Truth; Hang ‘Em High #1

‘Hang ‘Em High #1’, installation view, Velvet Room, Athens, 17 January 2015

At Documenta 12, 2007 as part of the living newspaper Chimurenga (Cape Town), editor Ntone Edjabe created DJ sets as performances called a House of Truth. Borrowed from a drinking pit in the old Kofifi, where the makers of the infamous Drum magazine gathered nightly for informal seminars with Can Themba as resident deconstructor, at the House of Truth, fluids, bodies and burning minds mix freely. Read more

Bright Light Wakes You Early in the Tropics, Which May Reduce Anxiety.

'Too Much World', IMA. Image: Kyla McFarlane, Instagram

I escaped a tropical downpour into Hito Steyerl’s Too Much World. The rain came straight down like a wide curtain, heavy and loud. Inside, the overriding mood was Scepticism Inc., a meta-melange of corporate training video, hotel room cable TV, real estate fly-through, political message, financial collapse, weather report, biography and probably even more than this. Read more

Modern zombies

‘I Know You Got Soul’(installation view, foreground Amy Feldman), 2015. Courtesy Arndt Singapore.

What is it about zombie paint? Or this show at Arndt in particular? Sure, it’s the cool, distanced abstraction that has come to epitomise New York influences, especially the way they’ve revived the big 9’x6’ format canvas. Most artists’ work, too, hones down a single, sometimes beautiful, line of thinking. Read more

We swim in unknown unknowns


We have entered a period of barbarism, she says. (S. Sontag)

Did I tell you I have been in living in Rome since the beginning of the year? Rome is beautiful but full of tourists, and shits. I mean real dog poo on the pavement. It’s really dirty, as my parents kept saying when they came to visit. They live in the North of the Country, you see, close to Switzerland. Read more

Moving Images

Chen Chieh-jen, ‘Empire’s Borders I’, 2008 – 2009, 35mm transferred to DVD, colour & black and white, sound, single-channel video, 26 min 50 sec

In a busy and eclectic area of Hong Kong, on the 17th floor of a commercial building, a not-for-profit space for art and performance was opened in 2014: Midtown Pop. For the conservative mind, the association of different forms of business or living with art can seem uncanny. But within the expanding space production in Hong Kong, such a place punctuates the provisions for the future. Read more