Secret Art Places – Part II

The old smith’s shop was transformed in a chapel by architect Alexandra Afrasinei in 2013

Cetate Arts Danube, the other art-camp I visited in August, has been situated since 2008 on the same premises as the one in Tescani, but the methods of work are somewhat different. Initiated and supported by the Joana Grevers Foundation in Bucharest, the art-camp in Cetate is hosted in a mansion built between the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century by a local landlord, Barbu Drugă. It is a beautiful Art Deco building, with Mediterranean influences. Read more

Franti, Out!

Diego Marcon, ‘Untitled (Head falling 02 & 05)’, 2015, exhibition view, camera-less animation, fabric ink, permanent ink and scratches on 16mm clear film leader, colour, silent, 10'' looped. Photo: Alessandro Nassiri. Courtesy of the artist

Careof is a not-for-profit space in Milan hosted in a public architectural complex called La Fabbrica del Vapore (The Steam Factory) which, at the beginning of the 1900s, was where trams were built. The site is next to the calm beauty of Cimitero Monumentale, a tidy layout of trees and tombs of various styles and sizes. On the opposite side is the lively Chinatown, always buzzing with people, plenty of shops and more recently trendy bars serving bubble tea. Read more

Secret Art Places – Part I

'Tescani', Photo: Dragoş Bădiţă

The exhibition Nouvelles histoires de fantômes, prepared by Georges Didi-Huberman and Arno Gisinger and presented this year in the Palais de Tokyo, discussed the after-life of images, trying to explain how the visuality of the present is being formed after a century of art that had been politicized since WWI, and how our artistic memory is shaped by this panoply of visual information. Read more

The holiday d’art

TP image 1

I recently returned from a few weeks in London and Venice. Was it fun? It was okay. Did you see lots of stuff? Yes. Was the art good? Yeah. Did you buy me anything? No. Did you take many pictures? HEAPS.

My intention for getting away was split evenly between some research Ive been meaning to do for a while, and to secondly take a long overdue break. Read more

Things I learned from ‘The Diplomat, the Artist and the Suit’, a documentary about architecture firm Denton Corker Marshall

‘I need you, the reader, to imagine us, for we don't really exist if you don't.’ Vladimir Nabokov


In the competitive field of architecture, three things are essential to success: The first is a level of diplomacy, required in the courtship and management of clients. The second is a high degree of artistry or design skill, indispensable for obvious reasons. The third is a suit. Many budding architects, in their hubris, neglect to acquire a suit. Read more

Township Museum and Creepy Long Fingers

Image 1 - Township Screenshot

Getting down to writing this text has been a struggle. Battling a recent and obsessive addiction to the game Township has meant that moments between paid drone-work are filled harvesting digi-corn and carrots, feeding cattle and trying to level up to the point where I can buy a museum and a ship to sail to the other islands and collect ethnographic digi-objects for it. Read more

How to Quieten the Mind

Anne Noble, ‘White Veil of a Novice’, 1988, edition 22/30, Selenium toned silver print. Image courtesy of Two Rooms

Lately my brain has been full of the effects of change and heat and nervous anticipation, and even in the quiet moments it is hard to find even a minute or two of contemplation from which an original thought or opinion might form itself into something worth spinning into the outside world. The last thing anyone needs is yet another mediocre observation from a brain full of scattered and racing thoughts. Read more