A quiet one

Friday night, aged seventeen, sitting, waiting. I’ve had a Mars bar from the freezer, Dad’s reading The Age, Mum’s watching a documentary on the Queen, I’m waiting for them to go to bed so I can watch the SBS Friday night movie. No friend has called me. I don’t want to call around, it could be devastating, the pain could last through Saturday and on to Sunday and cause a nasty break-out on the oily parts of my face. It’s best to just wait this one out and pin my hopes on the movie for some relief. ‘OK Rob, we’re off to bed, have another Mars bar if you like’. ‘Thanks Mum see you in the morn.’ I tried gnawing on the Mars bar but it was too frozen so I sucked it. It’s an Argentinean movie. Bingo! At 10.07 pm I see a boob flash across the screen. They’re out there somewhere. I set the VCR and I’m off. 10.13 pm I brush my teeth walk into my room turn on the bar heater take off my clothes and hop in to bed. Mum has put on my electric blanket already so I turn off the bar heater. It takes a long time to fall asleep.

Amanda Marburg, Marking the pathway to corporeal pleasures, Rex Irwin Gallery, Sydney, 
1–26 May 2012.

Patrick Hartigan, Gone as before, Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney, 19 May – 16 June 2012.

Suji Park, Former things, Ivan Anthony Gallery, Auckland, 9 May – 2 June 2012.

Amanda Marburg, ‘Cody’, oil on canvas, 2012

Amanda Marburg, ‘Jarran’, oil on canvas, 2012

Patrick Hartigan, ‘Bed’, oil on board, 2012

Patrick Hartigan, ‘Venus painting’, oil on board, 2012

Suji Park, ‘Ehizemen’, tempera and stone pigment on clay, 2012

Suji Park, ‘Ajani’, tempera, stone pigment and silver leaf on clay, 2012